This Is A Safe Place

Did you have a safe person when you were growing up? Was there someone who accepted and loved you, just for you?

When I think about these questions, I know the answer:  My grandparents. I called them Nana and Papa, and they were the safest people I knew.

Others also come to mind: a favorite elementary school teacher, a piano teacher, and today, a couple of dear friends.

Can you answer with a quick ‘yes’? Maybe it takes you a few minutes to come up with a name.

Perhaps you can’t answer the question at all. You had no safe person and no safe place to go.

I’d love it if everyone had at least one safe person in their childhood, but I know it’s not true.

I know people that did not have a safe place or safe person in childhood. They grew up with the opposite: fear, abuse, and trauma.

That’s a hard reality.

The need for safety doesn’t end with childhood. Even as an adult, I’ve sometimes struggled to find safe people and communities. I wonder if you have too.

No matter what the stage of life:

Safety is important. Safe people are important. Without safety, we cannot live a full life.

So, as I begin this new online venture, I want to say to you:

This is a safe place

It’s a safe place to talk about real issues like abuse, trauma, mental illness, addictions, and others.

It’s a safe place to talk about the deep impact of these issues on individuals, families, and communities.

It’s a safe place to explore what’s working, and what’s not, and what needs to happen to bring about positive change for individuals and for communities.

It’s a safe place to connect.

My friends know that I’m not very good at small talk. For me, there’s nothing more satisfying than a deep conversation.

I can’t promise that the conversations on this blog will always be comfortable. I don’t think you can talk about these subjects without some discomfort.

However, I will say to you, my readers, that to the best of my ability, I will try to make this a safe, compassionate, and respectful place.

I hope you’ll join me.


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